Holocaust Memorial Garden

Millisle village played its own small part in holocaust history.  Our story is an important part of the Millisle Community and retelling it has become a vital part of the life of our school. 

'Safe Haven' is the name of the Holocaust Memorial Garden in the grounds of Millisle Primary School and a safe haven is what the Millisle community provided for many Jewish refugees during the Second World War.

A small group of Jewish children came to Millisle from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia having been rescued from their homes after their parents had been imprisoned bythe Nazis.  This transportation to safety in Britain and Ireland became known as the Kindertransport.  In May 1939, Barney Hurwitz, Leo Scop and Maurice Solomon of the Regugee Aid Committee leased a derelict farm close to Millisle village.  At any one time, up to eighty people, including children, lived and worked on 'The farm', as it became known.  Between 1938, when the first adults and children arrived and its closure in 1948, the farm was home to well over 300 people.   




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  'Safe Haven' 




Our school has developed a bank of resources on 'The Farm' and the 'Kindertransport'. We hope you will find them useful and interesting.

The Farm

Holocaust Memorial Garden -
Opening Speech by Mrs L Patterson, Principal

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NI War Memorial
Photography Competition


DVD - by P5 Class DVD Information Poster
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NI4Kids - Article
Children Learn from Holocaust Survivors
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Belfast Telegraph Article -
Holocaust Survivor shares his tale in Millisle





Faraway Home
- Historical fiction by Marilyn Taylor

Two Jewish children are sent from Nazi-occupied Austria to a refugee farm in Northern Ireland. Based on the true story of Millisle refugee farm.



Faraway Home
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'Safe Haven'
Altogether Now -
Going to School in County Down

Down Museum, pgs 35 - 37
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Holocaust Memorial Day - January 2014

News Letter article reported on Monday, 27th January 2014.



Down County MUSEUM -
'Finding Refuge during World War II



Walter Kammerling
(Photography & Documents)