Our Uniform

Primary School Uniform

Girls' Uniform:  

Yellow polo shirt

Blue sweat shirt or cardigan

Grey knee length skirt

Grey knee socks or tights

Black shoes

Summer option:

Gingham Dress


Boys' Uniform:

Yellow polo shirt

Blue sweat shirt

Grey trousers

Grey socks

Black shoes

Summer option:

Grey shorts


Nursery Unit

Boys & Girls:

Blue sweat shirt

Blue tracksuit bottoms

PE Uniform

P1 - P3 Classes

Plimsoles or Trainers


P4 - P7 Classes

White T shirt

Blue shorts / Tracksuit bottoms

Trainers or plimsoles



No jewellery to be worn on PE days for Health & Safety reasons



*Embroidered school hoodies are available to buy in school for the P5, P6 and P7 at a cost of £15.

The school hoody can be worn for P.E activities both inside and outside school, whilst on school trips or residential visits and whenever the pupils are participating in non-uniform events.


Uniform Suppliers:

Available from school through

FMPS  ordering scheme


School Days

High Street


PE kit from any supplier