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Christmas Movie Night - Update

10 December 2020 (by millisleprimary)

Dear Parents, I am writing to bring you some news this afternoon that I know our pupils will be really disappointed about. I have decided that the Christmas Movie Night on Thursday should be brought forward to take place within normal school hours.

When I agreed to host a film night in school, we were in a very different place than we are now. Whilst I am happy that all pupils could remain in bubbles and all our daily protocols could be followed correctly, I do not wish to be the cause of an ‘unnecessary’ gathering of people outside of normal school hours.

The idea to have a film night was all about the children. Equally, the decision I have arrived at now is all about the children. When the decision was initially taken we had no children who were isolating as close contacts and none of our closest schools had any cases. The landscape has however shifted significantly and while we have no cases in Millisle Primary at present, we do have children isolating as ‘close contacts’ and as many of you will know, schools in our locality have had to send whole class groups home.

I do apologise for being the bearer of bad news but the event itself is not cancelled in any way, shape or form. The event has simply been moved to take place within the normal school day. Sweets, treats, Santa’s visit and the movie will all take place as planned on Thursday.

Children from Nursery to P3 will no longer be wearing jammies to school. However, we promise that as soon as it is feasible again, we will run an FMPS Movie Night where pupils will get to wear their jammies to school, which I know was appealing to many of our children. Many thanks for your understanding at this time.

Ian McManus