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HEALTHY SNACKS - Recommendations

2 September 2019 (by millisleprimary)

If you have decided to remove your child from our Healthy Snack Programme,...


... please only send in “healthy snacks” with him/her each day. We promote healthy eating in school and follow the Public Health Agency guidelines which are:

  • Drinks – milk or water (No fruit juices, smoothies or fizzy drinks please)
  • Fruit and Vegetables (Processed fruit bars are not suitable as they are high in sugar)
  • Bread based snacks – bread rolls, baguettes, plain bagels, wheaten, soda, potato or pitta bread, bread sticks, crackers or a sandwich. (Not suitable – cereal bars, pastries, pancakes, scones, fruit bread, brioche, croissants and Danish pastries as these contain a lot of sugar and/or fat and salt)

The Departments of Education and Health, Social Services and Public Safety encourage all schools to provide healthier food and drinks throughout the day.


The website to use for ideas is: