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New School App

2 December 2019 (by millisleprimary)

Dear Parent/ Guardian, For the past number of years, we have had a school app which was accessible as a download through ‘School Jotter’. From the beginning of December this app will no longer be functioning and will be replaced...

...…....by a new Millisle Primary School app.  The new app will give immediate access to the school calendar, a link to the website, access to school policies and paperless newsletter content.

We hope to develop the use of the app in the long term to include parental permission for trips and activities as well as a cashless payment option. We will however not be moving over to these functions in the short term.

We would encourage you to delete the old app and download the new app at your convenience. The app can be searched on the App or Android Store and appears as our school badge on a navy background. In the short term, we are still ironing out some details on the Android version of the app and as a result it is not yet at full functionality.

We hope you find this useful,

Ian McManus (Vice-Principal / ICT Coordinator)

Sharon Easton (ICT Technician)