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Future Changes in Millisle Primary School

27 January 2020 (by millisleprimary)

Dear Parents, Future changes in Millisle Primary School I write to bring you some important news of a major change which will be happening in Millisle Primary School. (Read More)

After 39 years of teaching in Millisle Primary and including fifteen years as principal, Mrs Patterson has informed our Governors that she will retire this year. She has decided that the timing is right for her to move on to the next phase of her life and will retire at the end of June.

Mrs Patterson has guided the school through challenging times and has always dedicated her time and life to Millisle Primary, indeed she has not missed even a single day off work, during all those years. We all owe Mrs Patterson a great deal of thanks for her tireless work as a teacher and then as Vice Principal and finally Principal - some of you will know Mrs Patterson both as a teacher to your children and as your own teacher!

During the years as principal she has presided over a number of changes to the school, including staffing changes, implementing curriculum changes and new, innovative ways to teach your children. The results of Mrs Patterson’s dedication and leadership were recently evidenced through the ETI Inspection in February 2017-

“The Senior Leadership Team is led by a long serving principal who inspires the respect and confidence of the whole school community and provides outstanding leadership.”

The ETI category for Leadership and Management in our school was deemed outstanding.

Of course there have been many challenges during the years, not least the financial pressures that the school has faced. These challenges started from the first week Mrs Patterson was appointed as principal, and she worked very hard, with our staff team, to run our school, in those early days, with a large deficit. Some of you may recall the times when we had combined classes due to budget restraints but also know that during this time Mrs Patterson and our staff did everything possible to bring us back to the position we are in today with a separate class for each year group.

Mrs Patterson has also been very good at writing letters and sending emails to convince the Education Authority that we needed modernisation and development work completed at our school, such as the replacement of the school windows and doors, a new office for the school secretary, the purchasing of the additional land from the old school master’s house for an extra playground and much more besides.

As a Board of Governors we are always amazed at Mrs Patterson’s motivation to keep moving the school forward and never thinking we have done enough.

After Mrs Patterson leaves us in June, Mr Ian McManus will take over as the Acting Principal, until the permanent principal post is advertised.

I am sure you will all join me, with the Board of Governors and staff of our school, in thanking Mrs Patterson for all her hard work and dedication to Millisle Primary and to send her every good wish for a long, healthy and happy retirement.

We will continue to keep you updated, as more details become known.

Yours faithfully,

 Stephen Cassells

Chair of Board of Governors