Data Collection Form

The information provided on this Form by you to Millisle Primary School is required by us to contact you and for medical and cultural information. When we process your personal information, for example, collect it on a form or store it in a file on a computer, the school is obliged to comply with the general Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your child's personal information. We will process your personal information on the legal basis that it is part of our public task to do so. We will share the personal information you provide to us on this form with: The new school (s) that the pupil attends after leaving us; The Department of Education; The Education Authority for Northern Ireland; Northern Ireland CCEA; The Board of Governors; General Teaching Council for NI; Exceptional Circumstances Body; Department of Health and Health & Social Care Trusts; PSNI; C2K School Management Information System; Commercial Standardised test providers; AQE assessments; for the purposes of assessments, medical advice and for census information. Your personal information will not be shared or processed for any other purpose without your express consent.