Fire Drill & Emergency Evacuation Form for Terms 1, 2 and 3. Academic Year 2020/2021

Emergency Evacuation/Fire Drill practices for all our pupils and staff have been organised for Terms 1, 2 and 3 as follows: Term 1 Friday 4 September 2020 Term 2 Friday 8 January Term 3 Friday 16 April 2021 LOCATION – Millisle Baptist Church TIME - Leaving school at 9.15am and returning to school at 9.45am Hopefully it will never be needed but the Baptist Church have kindly agreed to allow us the use of their hall. Please note the location of the Baptist Church in the Main Street, Millisle, so you will know where to collect your children, should the occasion arise. The information on this form is requested for the purpose of organising the Fire Drill and Emergency Evacuation. The information is covered by the provision of the GDPR 2018. Your indication of consent for your child to participate in this event, is deemed to be an authorisation by you to allow the school to process and retain the information for the purpose stated.