The Board of Governors    2022/23      

The Board of Governors consists of nine people who represent the following:


South Eastern Education & Library Board:
2 members – nominated by EA (South Eastern Region)


4 members – nominated by the late Mrs Pack - Beresford 
                                                        or her nominee

2 members – nominated by the parents

1 member  – nominated by teaching staff

The Principal
- is a full member of the board of Governors but is a
non – voting member.



Members of the Board  


Mr S Cassells, EA 


(S.E Region) Rep 


 Vice Chairperson      

Mr D Anderson, EA

(S.E Region) Rep     
Mr I McManus 
 Parents' Representative        Mr A McBride
 Parents' Representative    Mrs A Allen
 Transferors' Representative  Rev. J Flaherty
 Transferors' Representative   Mrs J Scott
 Transferors'  Representative   Ms A McNeice 
 Transferors'  Representative   Rev. C Davis 
 Teachers'  Representative   Mrs J Gillespie