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  • Parental Consultations - Advance Notice
    Our next set of whole school Parental Consultations ...
  • Future Changes in Millisle Primary School
    Dear Parents, Future changes in Millisle Primary School I write to bring you some important news of a major change which will be happening in Millisle Primary School. (Read More)
  • Dear Parents...
    We wish to thank you all for supporting our FMPS & N Christmas Fair – you helped us raise over £1400 – what a fantastic amount!!
  • New School App
    Dear Parent/ Guardian, For the past number of years, we have had a school app which was accessible as a download through ‘School Jotter’. From the beginning of December this app will no longer be functioning and will be replaced...
  • Do I need to keep my child off school? - Public Health Agency Poster
  • Crossing The Road
    If your child is unable to cross the Abbey Road by himself/herself, please ensure you are able to collect your child as teachers are not allowed to help your child across the road. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.
  • Our No Cake Policy
    In line with our healthy snack programme ...
  • HEALTHY SNACKS - Recommendations
    If you have decided to remove your child from our Healthy Snack Programme,...
  • Grassy Bank Accidents
    Please do not allow your children to walk or run on the grassy bank beside our entrance path, as the children are slipping, falling in dirt or even worse dog excrement.....
    Please remind your children to use the path to enter and leave school and not the driveway.
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